So you ever get to the point where you’ve read so many books from a certain era you could give lectures on that day’s views on decorum and manners?

No, really. I’ve read so much Jane Austen and then Georgette Heyer that if I read a random regency novel now I start sound like an old dowager waving her finger at everyone.

"No my dear, you mustn’t go to masquerades. Highly improper."

"You DID NOT just speak to a complete stranger and in such a manner! Heavens to Betsy!"

*brief interlude while I take my smelling salts*

"EGAD I give up on you."

I was thinking about which other Jane Austen novels would work in the vlog form, and I was having trouble until I came to Emma. Now Emma would be a vlogger.

I can see Anne having a blog…of the sort where she would post little bits of poetry, and occasional thoughtful posts, but never anything personal. The sort of posts where she would talk about anything but her personal life, being the sort of person who is hesitant to share even their name on the Internet. I can imagine her posts always being sweet and thought provoking about the world in general, but in writing and always in her limited spare time.

Fanny, I imagine would be like Ann but…actually I can’t quite picture Fanny on the Internet. She might have a tumblr and reblog pictures of stars and flowers. I don’t quite know about Fanny.

Catherine might be a vlogger but I don’t see her being true to life. I think she’d be the sort of person who would make dramatic videos of creeping downstairs in the dark at two in the morning whispering to the camera about whatever she imagined lurking in the corners. Have fake adventure vlogs with a wobbling camera and bad lighting, and then touching that up with special affects like changing the light to green.

Eleanor I don’t really see appriciating blogs or vlogs. I can see her enoying to read other people’s but always feeling herself too busy to do something like that on her own.

Marianne now, I can see her sharing about herself, but it would always be from a very limited focused on specific things light. Maybe romantizied recounts of certain things and then suddenly getting tired of it and launching into reciting Shakespeare.

But Emma. I can see Emma being a vlogger. Talking about all the people in her life, what her impressions of them are, and what she predicted was going to happen to them and who they were going to marry etc. Emma would be an enthusastic vlogger.


Happy 200th Birthday Pride and Prejudice!

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"I give you joy of our new nephew, and hope if he ever comes to be hanged it will not be till we are too old to care about it."

Jane Austen. From letter to her sister Cassandra of 1811.04.25 (via shinestoryteller)

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Original Artwork by Brigida Swanson from Yardia featuring Jane Austen quotes and Regency Fashion

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Jane Austen

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The Bronte Sisters, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson

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“Whatever his pursuits, his eagerness in them should know no moderation, and leave him no sense of fatigue.”
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Whatever his pursuits, his eagerness in them should know no moderation, and leave him no sense of fatigue.”

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"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."

— Jane Austen (Northanger Abbey)

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